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Finding Your Best Colors For Your Skin Tone

Finding the right swimsuit colors can brighten your eyes, flatter your figure, and give you a healthy boost of confidence. If you’re tired of wearing blacks and neutral tones, the coming trends will be a refreshing change.
To find the colors that work best for you, most fashion experts recommend first identifying your skin tone. Once you know your skin tone, it’s easy to choose colors that enhance all your best features. There are 3 main skin tones: warm, cool, and neutral. How do you know which you are?

Warm-toned skin usually has shades of olive, green, or yellow. Most women with warm skin tones have deep brown or dark blonde hair. Does this describe you? If so, opt for the colors of fall, like reds, oranges, and golds. You also look amazing in earth tones like olive, moss, dark turquoise, or deep mossy greens. For neutral colors, look to the brown family, like deep browns, lighter browns like taupe, or rich creamy white. Avoid wearing the brighter “icy” colors.

If you have a cool skin tone, your skin will have a blue undertone, whether your skin is very fair or very dark. Your hair color may be very dark black, very dark brown, or light blonde. Women with a cool skin tone look stunning in bright colors, like bright blue, sapphire, deep purples, light purples, and lavender. Try bold and intense colors like shocking pink, rubies, and royal blues. If you want more neutral colors, light grays, navy blues, or whites will look best with your skin tone.

Neutral is the third category of skin tones. If you don’t feel your skin tone is warm or cool, you are probably neutral. This means the undertone of your skin is roughly the same color as your skin. Your hair may be blonde or brown. Great colors for you include lighter, softer shades. Try more muted colors like coral, peach, rose, or jade. Lighter grays, browns, and off-white colors also work for you. These types of colors complement your complexion and look fabulous on you.

Once you’ve targeted your ideal colors, think about the styles that flatter your figure. At Elivana we believe every body is beautiful! Whether you are pear-shaped, heart-shaped, or curvy, there are fashions that can make you simply shine.

With just a little effort, it isn’t hard to choose a color palette that enhances your natural skin tone and a style that flatters your figure. Before you know it, you will feel put-together, self-assured, and ready to take on the world!

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