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Tips For Selecting A Swimsuit That Flatters Your Figure

If you’re like many women, when you’re getting ready for a staycation or vacation, you need to start thinking about choosing a swimwear, you might panic and wonder if you will ever be able to find a swimsuit that suits your figure.

However, it’s important to remember that there are beautiful bathing suits available for women of all sizes, shapes, and ages, at affordable prices and in every kind of color imaginable. Read on for three key tips you can follow today to help you find the perfect one-piece or bikini swimsuit to flatter your figure and ensure you’re feeling cool and comfortable while living it up on holiday.

Most women feel they have “problem areas” somewhere on their body or that they have least-favorite parts they’d prefer to cover up if possible. If you’re like this, a good way to feel more comfortable in a bathing suit is to find one that minimizes or hides the spots you’re self-conscious of.

As an example, many ladies are worried about their tummy, and don’t want to spend a whole day at the beach sucking in their mid-section or staying covered up with clothing. To combat this, search for a one-piece swimsuit that has ruching down the middle. This design element will help to hide any extra padding you may have. Alternatively, consider choosing a full-piece bathing suit with a plunging neckline, because this will bring the focus to your chest rather than your tummy.

If, on the other hand, it’s your behind that you’re really self-conscious about, there are also more flattering swimsuits to choose. For instance, look for a bathing suit that has a very simple bottom half in one solid color, and then add a top to the ensemble in brighter colors and with more detail. By opting for this kind of combination, you’ll bring more focus to your top half rather than your lower half. It’s best to steer clear of skimpy string bikinis, too, because these probably won’t provide enough coverage.

When choosing a new swimsuit, another one of the most important elements to consider is the fit, particularly when it comes to your bust. Obviously, it’s necessary to find something that will cover up your “assets” comprehensively and that will feel comfortable at the same time. You don’t want to have to continually pull at your top to ensure you don’t have a wardrobe malfunction, or be worried about being active at the beach or in the pool because your swimsuit doesn’t provide enough support.

When it comes to looking good, getting the fit right is also key. If you have quite a large chest, make sure you find tops which have thicker, adjustable straps with double-stitched bands for additional support (one-pieces are usually the best for this), and/or underwire for good lift and hold. Choosing a product that comes in specific cup sizes, instead of a simple Small, Medium, or Large size, will also help you to get a perfect fit.

If your breasts are smaller, you won’t have to find a swimsuit with plenty of coverage or support, but you may prefer swimwear that gives you the appearance of a bigger bosom. To do this, look for products which have embellishments on the top (e.g., ruffles, bows, ruching), and which have padding. Choosing tops in vibrant colors and with striking patterns will also help give the illusion of a more ample bust.

Lastly, finding the perfect bathing suit is also about choosing something that keeps your figure in proportion. Unless you’re in the tiny majority of the female population, you have one or more areas of your body which are out of proportion with the rest and which can seem more noticeable in the wrong swimsuit. As such, it pays to think about this when you’re shopping.

For example, if you have broad shoulders you can give yourself more of an hourglass look if you choose swimwear with asymmetrical necklines, or those with printed panels along the sides. If you have a pear-shaped body, with a larger bottom half, look for cutaway styles which will accentuate your smaller waist, and consider buying separates so that you can get the perfect fit for both your top and bottom, which are likely two different sizes.

If you have a square or athletic body shape that’s straight up and down, find a bathing suit that will give you the appearance of more curves. Steer clear of boy-cut briefs, bandeau tops and shapeless one-piece swimsuit, and instead choose feminine prints, bright colors, and products with padding and gathering to accentuate the curves you have.

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